Tuesday, May 25, 2010

working girl

Today was my first "semi-official" day at Alysse's Bridal. 
the "yay" face.
I shadowed this really nice girl named Kaylie who was super sweet and patient.
We sold this dress (I think its not very cute) to this super cute girl.
She made the dress super cute.
Hopefully, I did a good job and wasn't too obnoxious, pushy, passive, loud, or quiet. 
Somewhere in the middle would be nice. :)
I am totally tired now though from being so nervous.
p.s. my pictures haven't been working lately.  my apologies.  I will try and get them to work.


beka said...

Kennedy! Which Allyse's Bridal are you working at? I'd love to come see you!

gerbdesign said...

lol I'm actually Kennedy's sister. :) but I am at the orem store at university mall.