Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey Soul Sister :)

So best thing ever for 5 young, beautifully, freakishly thin, starving college students?
All you can eat desert buffet at sizzler.
99 cents.
that's right.
99 cents.
And you can seat yourself,
well that is if your name is Kennedy, Katie, Stacie, or Rachel.
and you can try to fit 5 people in a 2 person booth.
it is very exciting.
and all of the waiters/waitresses/bussers will point and laugh.
They have really good brownies that are good with soft-serve
and caramel
and chocolate fudge
and m&ms
and oreos
 and butterfingers
and toffee bits.
Be careful on the ratio though.
It can get off.
for example:  you could put your brownie down first,
and then put your toppings
and then do the ice cream.
not the best arrangement.
so you can try again.
ice cream
and that's a good burrito.
they also have ice cream cones.
but the ice cream cones smell like chicken wings.
or like oyster crackers.
or the clam chowder next to the oyster crackers.
You can leave a tip
if you want too.
You can leave > or < a dollar.
You can leave it in a creative way.
On a napkin.
For Carlos
and Devoni.
But Carlos might pocket it all for himself.
If you stare in the window waiting for him to get it,
You could say that that's just what he would do.
And then Stacie would pull a fit in the parking lot.