Thursday, December 30, 2010

wisdom teeth

Although this isn't even remotely related to a $5 project or anything of the sort, I almost died watching this video of my friend DeLaney.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

funny prank...

Hey ya'll!  I'm not dead...just studying a lot...well, I could be studying more.
But here was the latest great prank from the gerbmobile:

premise:  my bf jesse works at the BYU Library and often has to do the online librarian I decided to take advantage of that.

me:  Do you know a guy named Jesse (?).  He works at the front desk?
librarian:  yes.
librarian: he is standing right next to me.
me: do you know if he is dating anyone
librarian: that depends.  who wants to know?
me: I'm a marathon runner and pre-law student.  aka, I'm hott.
long pause....
me: do I need to send a picture??
me: can you give him my number?
librarian: ok
me:  THANKS!!!
librarian: no problem
me: 801-497-xxxx  THANKS!!!

basically, it made my day :)
Thanks Jess!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

busy as can bee

So basically, things are crazy right now!  I have a million projects that I am dying to get done, but I don't have time yet.  I've also banned myself from facebook until finals are over, so hopefully that will help me have more time.  I'm planning a really cute project for christmas...hopefully it will be done on sunday and I can get pics and info up soon!