Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bored is not a good time to cut your hair...

My cute roomie Rachel came home with blonde hair dye.
How fun.
Girls love hair dye, right?
We can't help ourselves.  
I think it's linked closely with our raging hormones.
Don't panic.
I didn't go blonde.
I didn't even do any crazy streaks.
my cute friend Charlotte is going to hair school and was going to dye my hair today
but she couldn't tonight.
and me being the impatient person that I am
cut it off myself.
bad idea.
I think she is going to have to fix it for me...
here are our "not-the-best-idea" faces :)


Prix ° said...

haha you are CUTE! love being your roommate.

gerbdesign said...

oh and by saying that Char was going to dye my hair, I actually meant cut. whoops.

Ashley Benjamin said...

Leslie, I think it looks really cute! Waaaaaaay better than mine would ever look if I tried to cut it myself. You're just multi-talented. :) And hey, we need to figure out a time to play and catch up this summer! I hate that I haven't seen you in forever!

Megan said...

Lelsie it really looks so cute!! I love that length on you! I can't believe you did that by yourself. I am so amazed by you!!

gerbdesign said...

Haha! You guys are super sweet! I need my friend to do some serious touch ups and rachel (my roomie) did fix it up for me a lot! I really can't take much credit for it!