Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Joanna...the other woman

I feel like I am to a point where I need to address the musical abilities, or disabilities, of this woman.

Joanna Newsom

She is like this weird, crazy, odd-ball, elfish, celtic something, harpist/clavichoridist/vocalist/songwriter.  She has the most unique sound.  I think that she started singing in the shower one day and started making her vowels as wide as possible and made up crazy words about some peach, mollusk, or whatever suited her fancy and then imagined that she was in a grassy meadow, surrounded my furry, woodland creatures.  Smoking mushrooms.  That is what she sounds like.  

listen to it.  it's worth a laugh.
But... strangely enough she has followers.  Like normal people followers.  Like Jesse and his friends.  Like they drove 48 hours round trip to see her in concert...(don't think less of them.)
And I think I am sort of turning into one of them.
Her new work is much softer and more pleasing to the ear.
Even if her voice is still just alien, 
just listen to all of the other parts.  She does all of her composing.
(i think.  Don't quote me or anything)
But watch her newer stuff like this one before deeming her crazy dash insane.

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