Thursday, September 30, 2010


You know those days when you NEED a laugh?
well, today isn't one of those for me, but quite possibly, it could have been for YOU.
so here you go.

This is just another reason of why I love my roomie, Kate.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free is free

Hey Everyone!  So there has been an abundance of mooching opportunities in our midst.  Today (the 29th) Panda Express is offering a FREE serving of Kobari Beef.  Click on the link for the coupon!  Considering how I don't eat beef, I'll be skipping this one, but that doesn't mean that you should :)
Tomorrow, the make-a-wish foundation is sponsoring the largest ice-cream social for a girl named Kate.  You can go into any Cold-Stone and get a FREE 3oz serving of Kate's creation.  They are requesting that you donate $1 and purchase a make-a-wish start, but hey, it's a great opportunity to help out kids in need.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harry Potter: not the one where Dumbledore dies

Stoked for the midnight premiere of the LAST Harry Potter Movie!

So now the real question is what do I wear!??

Fav 2 options: Hermione or the Golden Snitch??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


“Desire denotes a real longing or craving.  Hence, righteous desires are much more than passive preferences or fleeting feelings.  Of course our genes, circumstances, and environments matter very much, and they shape us significantly.  Yet there remains an inner zone in which we are sovereign, unless we abdicate.  In this zone lies the essence of our individuality and our personal accountability.”  Elder Neil A. Maxwell

Boys will be Boys

Watched part of Raising Cain.
Absolutely Fascinating!
It is all about how school is designed for girls.
I think that children would do better if they were
taught in segregated (boys only and girls only)
schools.   I would also love to see a trend of male
teachers, especially teaching male students.
 It would allow teachers to focus on the
strengths of each gender and create a better
environment where boys were not constantly feeling
less intelligent that girls, just because they develop more
Moral of this post:  we need more male teachers.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And then I found 5 dollars

Today was just a typical day at BYU.
Heard an Apostle of the Lord speak.
Had fantastic classes, including my 3 hour sewing class.
Got tickets for the World of Dance.
Worked on a project for my Residential Landscape Class.
Studied for my religion (Book of Mormon) class.

I should be singing hosannas for how fortunate I am.
But there are the little things throughout the day that make that harder.

I fell down the stairs in the Clyde Building and skinned my knees, shins, and arm.  Not only was that super embarrassing, but it hurt...a lot!
Boys were lame today.
I feel like all of my muscles have turned to fat.
Actually, I am pretty darn sure that they have morphed to fat.
I've been on campus since 9:00 and it is now 10:40.

In my Book of Mormon class, we are talking about Laman and Lemuel.  My Professor, Charles Swift, brought up the point that they generally, do what they are supposed to, but they complain about it and focus on the negative things in their lives.  Nephi on the other hand, writes about how blessed he is the the Lord is keeping them from getting sick because they can only eat raw meat.  I find Nephi's attitude incredible.  Why did he always do what he was commanded, even amidst his family hating on him and trying to kill him?  Why did he always remember to thank the Lord for the tiny little things (things that I wouldn't even categorize as blessings)?  Because he had a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and had enormous faith.  I am grateful for his example and will strive to do better.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Provo Library

This is the beautiful Provo Library.
I love studying here!

There is nobody to impress here.
Nobody making obnoxious flirting noises.
Lots of open space.
There are adorable little kids that come running through
and that makes my day. 

p.s. this is off subject, but we have to watch a birth on Monday for Human Development, and I am nervous that I will either a. faint or b. cry.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh the joy that is that of cottage cheese

Did you know that cottage cheese is an amazing food?
Like 1/4 of the container is only 80 calories and has 15 gram of protein???
my heart.
but, even better, it goes with everything!
Like, canned peaches, bbq chips, and cheez-its!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Recently, I was led to a blog.
basically, it totally makes fun of sappy blogs and people like myself.
So I apologize for being a sap.  I'm not going to quit being sappy, but I figured I
should address the fact that I realize that I am somewhat extremely pathetic.
That's all.
but this is more pathetic