Sunday, May 16, 2010

College Life

Tonight was an "unofficial" ward activity.
Game night at cambridge 10.
Seems harmless enough, right?  A little frivolity getting to know everyone.
After some severe questioning, psychiatrics, ninja moving, sock beating, hostaging, and otter pop plotting...I'm pooped.
Don't get me wrong, I love college life.
Where you can equate the amount of successful dating action with the cartons of
 ice cream living in the freezer.
Where there's generally a fish in a fishbowl that no one knows where it came from and everyone claims that they've never fed it, but it miraculously has been alive for months.
Where camping out on a rooftop is the best idea that you've had since finals.
Where all of your clothes smell like campfire smoke.
Where getting ready to go study at the library seems like an monetary investment because it just might get you a free diner.  A movie if you look REALLY good.
The crazy, spontaneity of college living always keeps life exciting.

But... I don't know how it is everywhere, but the dating is ferocious!
Like seriously, today I saw this one cute *nameless* guy in my ward at ward prayer.
He was literally being cornered by like 6 girls who were
eyeing him like a giant piece of costco's 
all-american-chocolate cake. (I'm craving chocolate like a pregnant woman)
I felt sorry for him.
It was like watching a sweet little baby baby bird being surrounded by the big alley cats and ripped to pieces.  sickly sad.
I would have rescued him if I could have gotten away for the
eager-beaver that had me cornered.
I think I should invest in some pepper spray.

that's all folks.


Megan said...

Haha can I just say every time I read your blog I crack up? Really, it always cheers me up. I miss you terribly. We need to meet up for lunch or something!!!

Rachel said...

i love this.