Monday, November 8, 2010

Cookie Trays

Christmas is so close I can almost taste it!  I'm so excited (mostly for the food) for the whole season.  I think fall and winter just bring out the inner old lady in me.  The sweaters, tea and cookies, slippers, and how everything is just old-fashioned once again.  At any rate, being at college makes it tough to really get into the spirit of everything, but here is my latest project that can possibly help.
Frame tray
These are super easy and fun to put together!  (fun actually being a relative term.  I had fun, but I don't know if Jesse got as much of a kick out of making them as I did.)

Materials needed:
Old frame with sturdy back
spray paint
Hot glue

Directions: take the back of the frame and spray paint.  While that is drying, cover the back of the frame with fabric and glue in place.  Once that is done, the frames should be dry.  Then, secure and glue the back back into place and voila!  Cookie tray for the holidays. Enjoy!

Tray in action!  Holding some delicious Anise Seed Cookies.  Maybe one day I'll put up the recipe. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming Soon!!!

Upcoming projects:
Framed trays
Moss picture frame

but also, there is going to be a guest project...aka it costs more than $5... refurbishing a steamer trunk and turning it into a bench!  So excited about these things!