Thursday, January 28, 2010

bad hair magnet?

The funniest thing ever just happened to me!  So I was just talking with my cute friend sharon outside the library and this guy on a little razor scooter just came up to me and like ran his hand through my hair/smashed my utah-bang-poof.  Have no idea who he is.  Maybe he was just trying to tell me that my hair was rather not-so-hot today.  
On my defense, the hair was better before the attack!
but he was probably right

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Opera bug

Lately, I haven't been able to get enough of opera!
 I am seriously craving a good cultural event like a ballet, symphony or of course,


Also, I was checking into differe
nt cool things about Ukraine (because I am planning on going there with ILP either this fall or Winter to teach children English!!! super excited!)  and I looked up the Kiev Opera house (It is considered one of the top 5 opera houses in Europe) and they have a different opera/ballet every single night!  and the best part is, you can g
et in for only $6!  Is that not incredible??  

So until then, do I have any takers?  Utah Opera has weekday tickets for only $10 bucks (I think!)  A steal you could say!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ho hum

So quick tidbit on my oh-so always exciting life.

-there is a new cupcake store next to subzero that is incredible!  Katie and I went there on Friday and I had the most delicious cupcake in the world!  the only downside, I laughed and the sparkly frosting went up my nose and it felt like my nostrils were about to birth a child.

-Um, School started.  I think my classes are going to be challenging, but I am looking forward to understanding how the world around works and why things are the way they are.  I am studying biology, physical science, anthropology, music and institute.  Oh, LOVE my institute instructor.  He is a phenominal teacher and I think my class will be a wonderful addition to my schedule. :)

-I got a new calling.  Actually, I got my first calling in this singles ward.  Very exciting.  I am looking forward to it and think it will be lots of fun!

-We went tube-ing last night up at soldiers hollow and it was sooo much fun!  I spent the evening with the beautiful Ryceejo, dashing Josh, loveable Liz, and giggly Gonzo and other delightful people in our singles ward.  Oh, driving home we went through Heber and um...LOVE!  I think I should live there.  i mean, you could have a romantic experience with nature every single day!  I guess I could know but from my living room window, there is a tree with some rare specimen of garbage and a priceless Lord of the Rings cut-out directly across the way.  lovely.

-I put up a pair of shoes that I made on a website and are seeing if they would actually sell.  Kindof nerve wracking, but hey, I figured it was worth a shot!  :) 

-bad news:  my ecclesiastical endorsement is mia.  BYU doesn't have it yet, and it was sent in almost 4 weeks ago.  I hate that stupid paper!  It has caused me more grief just trying to get it from one person to another than I thought was paperly possible!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Today I had my first biology lecture in my bio 1010 class, and it was terrifically interesting!  Can I just say that I thoroughly appreciate Prof Harris?  He understands how to teach.  He understands Bloom's ladder of Understanding and how to make students feel confident and comfortable.  Anyway, we talked about life, and at one point we started discussing the scientific classification of things that are alive and things that are dead, and it may sound weird, but I kept on thinking about embryos.  I was once taught that just 6 hours after conception the spinal cord is already in development.  As we were going through the characteristics of how to determine if life exists in something, it reaffirmed my opinion that the embryo is a living person from day 1.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walking Art

Lately, the Academy of Art's siren call has been causing me some grief.  I miss drawing, sketching, sewing and all that jazz.  I've missed doing anything artsy or creative and my body needs that.   So 
Finals week I woke up in the middle of the night and sat straight up. 
Paint them.
  I couldn't get this thought out of my head all 
break, so i finally bought a pair of super cheap plain white pumps and painted them. 
It was so much fun that I did another pair like 2 days later and just played around with adding on some fabric flowers and

 that sort of thing.

  Even though I am just in the experimental stage right now, I am really liking how they are turning out.  
We will see what will happen!