Monday, December 12, 2011

Things are wonderful!  In the past little while we did the following:
Went to Masada and the Dead Sea

We had the Jerusalem Center Christmas concert and it was the first choir that I had been involved in since high school.  Guess who showed up??  Samah and all of her girls and sister-in-law.  Love them!

We went to her house and taught her how to make chocolate chip cookies and she surprised us and taught us how to make makluba (it means upside-down) and she gave me incredible marriage and parenting advice.  Being in their home has been one of the most uplifting thing that I have done while here.  There is so much love, service, and patience in their home.  They are always laughing and joking with each other.  I love this family and am so happy that I was able to meet them and build a friendship.

With the beautiful girls!  I love them!  Also, check out Lindsay's blog for more about our time with them.

And we went to England and went on a Harry Potter Tour...jk...but we went to so many churches and beautiful sites today as we learned about the last week of Christ's life.  

Friday, December 9, 2011

I love

I love Jesse.
I love being at the Jerusalem Center.
I love studying about Jesus.
I love the Old City.
I love my friends in the Center.
I love my friends in the City.
I love my family.
I love Christmas time.
I love Christ.
I love my life.
In the Old City
Kaitlyn and I: love that girl
Jesse and I minutes before he proposed...guess which one of us knew what was up?
We found Jesus's face spray painted on the ceiling of a cave.  Only in Jerusalem....or maybe Provo.
Lauren and I wishing you all a very Merry Christmas all the way from Jerusalem!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Days are Numbered

Is it weird to anyone else that I am only in Jerusalem for 8 more days?

Is it weird that this beautify is less than a sabbath's day journey from where I sleep?

Or that I won't be surrounded by these gems everyday?  
I know I look huge in this picture, but I was wearing three sweatshirts, three pairs of paints, and three pairs of socks.  

Or that I will be married to this wonderful man in 24 days?

And something for us all to be excited over is that we all have 19 days left till Christmas!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey ya'll!
My friend steph (high school friend and Jr. Miss friend) is doing a blog giveaway! click here to enter! :)