Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dress sketch for the Shabby Apple of my eye ;)

Tidbit of information for the day... I sketch dresses for fun.
Here is one that I am entering in a design contest for Shabby Apple.
I've been really appreciating all things vintage and realizing just how classy and timeless the 50's were.  Seriously, I love watching old movies just for the beautiful clothes that they wore.  Actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Dorris Day, I believe, are more memorable for what they wore than what they actually did in their films.   To me, that says a lot about the dresses.

So what color would this AMAZING dress be???
A warm cream with dark cherry embellishments.
I think that I would want to keep the vintage feel, so I think that an old-fashioned solid broadcloth would hold up nicely.  The darts and pleats would also do up nicely in a tight broadcloth.

I will put up more info on the contest later. :)
Peace and Blessings.


Ryceejo said...

Love it! haha I love how much you love high neck lines.

Anna said...

This is very cute, Leslie. Have you ever watched Walk the Line? The costuming in that movie always leave me wanting to have everything that June wears.

katrina said...


you should design more dresses because i think i would buy them. yep.