Saturday, October 23, 2010

A delightful dream

A secret dream of mine is to go to culinary school and make patisseries all day long.  I think that once I'm all grown up and my family is all grown and out of the house, I will go.  Hopefully, I will be making them from now until then, but I would love to learn exactly how to achieve the perfect Almond Horne or an ultra-fine lace cookie.  I would love to learn how to make marzipan fruits and make them look absolutely real.  I would love to own a little bakery and sell Bûche de Noël for Christmas and Moonas for Easter.  I believe strongly in the importance of beautiful food and hope to share my love of it for the rest of my life.

Almond Horne...the best place to buy them is at this little bakery in Carmel, California.  They generally sell out of this by mid morning, so get there quick! :)
I love when they use layers of hardened chocolate.  Not only is it delectable, it's stunning!

Marzipan Fruits!  And the best thing is that they taste as good as they look!
Ignore the fact that I missed the memo on doing our best creeper smile and we all look like we've been hit by a train,  just know that this little busche is the most delicious thing on the planet!  Too bad we just make it for Christmas.

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Jana said...

Oh Leslie, you are just too cute! I really hope that someday you make it to culinary school. I'm happy knowing there is someone like you out there that appreciates beautiful (and delicious!) food as much as I do. :) Love ya girly!