Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tomatoes and music

I have a tomato plant that lives with me.  
His name is A. Lincoln.  Short for Abe Lincoln.
Basically, I love him.  I am trying to be to him by watering him and feeding at the right times.  (He likes early morning waterings btw)  We have a pretty good relationship, I feel, because he is a really good listener and he feeds me while I take care of him.
So, I was trying to think of ways to better improve our relationship, and I had an idea.  What if I experiment with types of music to stimulate his creative processes?  I'm thinking that since he is a male and a vegetable (well, technically fruit) he might enjoy baroque.  So far, I tried a little contemporary Muczynski on him, and I just got this annoyed vibe from him. Understandable, I guess. Tchaikosvsky is currently on trial.  Hopefully we can agree on something.  I'm really hoping that he is an impressionistic sortof plant. 

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Megan said...

o dear. i love you. hehe