Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just being classy...

Why are we not taught about the basic rules of etiquette???
I love being from the west, but seriously??? we are seriously seriously lacking in the hospitality department.
Like when exactly should you send a thank you note?
How soon should that be sent?
Should you send a thank you gift?
If so, what merits a thank you gift?
Are you supposed to have the fold of your napkin facing your knees or torso?
When you're finished with dinner, do you leave your napkin folded on the chair, on the plate or beside the plate?
What do you do if the waiter is being incompetent?  Is there a way to politely request a different server?
Are your wrists supposed to stay above the table at all times or is that just a french thing?
Are you supposed to point out green things stuck in teeth?
Is it better to be dressed up or dressed down?
Is it in poor taste to be more dressed up than your entourage?
Seriously!!!  I want to know!!!
Are there any good etiquette 101 books?

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