Thursday, July 8, 2010


there are soooo many pathetics.some people are pathetic.  seriously, what's the point of being a person if you aren't a people person?
I, am a pathetic. Today I got so excited over an outfit that I am going to wear to work... on Saturday.  Pathetic?  maybe

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Rachel said...

There is a big difference between whether or not someone is a people person and whether or not someone is introverted or extroverted. Some people are energized by chit chatting, and others need alone time to recuperate. Because it takes so much energy for me to get to know people, I usually have to compartmentalize: work time, study time, OR social time. It's hard for me to do one successfully if I'm thinking about another. I think everyone is a people person in a different way. Some people are great at being friendly all of the time to everyone, and other people are better at bonding with and being emotionally close to some people, even if they need alone time, too. Everyone with a heart is a people person - just in a different way. :)