Sunday, June 13, 2010

Melanin Production

As Many of you may know, there are many things that are extremely important to me: family, church, friends, and education.  But you may also know that there are some other things that are almost equally important to me.  Specifically, tanning.  By definition it means:  verb ( tanned |tønd|, tanning |tønɪŋ|)
1 [ intrans. ] (of a pale-skinned person or their skin) become brown or browner after exposure to the sun.  According to it means : something amazing that people do.  I would have to agree with the urbandictionary definition on that one.  To go further, I would define tanning as thus:  the complete experience of being one with mother earth as your body beautifies itself thanks to the beautiful UV rays.  Seriously, it is a perfect system:  you sit there and relax (which helps one to cope with stress, which is the cause of many health issues) while your body absorbs Vitamin D (which Studies are showing that vitamin D is fighting cancer, depression, acne, and various other horrible ailments ) in its' purest form.  What could be better?  But maybe some of you are wondering how to get the perfect tan?  Here are some secrets to a perfect tan!

1.  Go to Utah. 
2.  Go to a pool.  (if you don't have a pool, a trampoline works well too.)
3.  Situate your body so that you are in direct sun.  (This means that your face is completely in line with the sun.  You're shadow should be directly underneath you are behind you.  If you are going to be outside for more than about an hour, you should follow the movement of the sun. )
4.  Make sure that your hair is out of your face and that whatever you are wearing will not leave any shadows on your body.
5.  Baby oil. :)
6.  Timing is everything.  Experts say that the sun is strongest from 1-4, but I am starting to think that 11-1 is completely prime.
7.  Be patient.  Sweat a little.  Don't rotate unless you have been on one side for at least 45 minutes. 
8.  The most important areas to have tan in order of most important to least important:  collar bone, face, arms (they always do the arm test, but I think it's better with a face test), and fronts of legs.  To get all of these areas, lay out on your back.  Corpse pose.

If you have any specific questions or dilemmas concerning tanning, feel free to ask. :)
Happy Tanning!

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Ryceejo said...

You are such a goof! I miss you so much!!!