Monday, June 7, 2010

Disneyland Nostalgia.

Tomorrow is the official day that the Pat and Suzan Gerber Clan will be gracing the Happiest Place on Earth's lovely gates.  Super Excited!  I love the way the smell (a perfect blend of coffee, cigarettes, and flowers) and the exhilaration of waking up early to get there first so you can rush to your favorite ride and be the first to ride it.
 So many fond memories are associated with it.
I remember meeting Beast for the first time; I was so scared I cried.  I remember bothering Kennedy to the point that I made her cry and having to go back to the hotel because I was being sassy; Jon and I played cards until I told her sorry and sound like I meant it.  I remember finding my Snow White dress at the Princess Store.  I put it on and knew I would never be the same: it still resides in my basement.  I remember the old submarine ride and being terrified of the mermaids.  The first time I heard my cute Grandma Schwendiman scram was on the Matterhorn. I remember going to the Lion King Parade with Uncle Jon and I will swear to this day that the Alligator bit my hand.  I remember when California Adventure was built.  I remember going on that silly Ferris Wheel with the whole family (minus sam) and we were all crying, except for Owen who was probably two at the time.   I remember watching the fireworks with the fam and eating pixie sticks and holding my knit winnie the pooh.  The first time I rode Splash Mountain was with my Dad and Jon and on every uphill Jon would say that this was it, and so I didn't believe him on the real one. :)  I remember scouting out cute boys with Kenn and describing them as various assesories to describe their various features. (ex.  a tall, dark, and handsome man might have been described as "wow Kenn, did you see that purse?" "ya, it looked Italian."  "yes, it was a very beautiful bag." )  

Oh, the good times of Disneyland.  Magical, one could say. 

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