Friday, January 21, 2011

Rent a Mom

So like everyone else, my life is super busy and crazy right now, so the projects have slowed way down.  

But, I have started making dinner for Jess and his roommates Sunday-Thursday and it has been way fun and has helped me learn how to cook better.  I am trying a lot of recipes (crock pot recipes are my favorite) and hopefully they will make it up on the blog soon :)

This weeks menu:
Monday: Slow Cooker Mushroom chicken w/ salad and rolls
Tuesday:  Chili on Rice
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken w/ cornbread
Thursday:  Teryaki Salmon on rice with Asian Stirfry
Sunday:  Pork Roast w/ mashed potatoes and rolls


Megan and Jared said...

Yummy!!! I definately want some (or all) of these recipes!!

jesse said...

mmmm we hungry.

Oh and you're the best!

Ryceejo said...

Delicious! So what do they do for you in return??