Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

As I hope you are all aware, we have a new year on our hands.  With that we are getting to choose how we spend our energy and time.  I'm super stoked for my new classes (drawing, 2D design, history of interior design, pattern making, and Book of Mormon)!  I think that this semester is will be extraordinary!
Speaking of extraordinary...I actually accomplished one project over the break!  The annual Bûche de Noël:)  It is a family tradition and fight that does take about 2 hours, but it is completely worth it!  I look forward to this amazing experience all year long!  Hopefully I can get the recipe up in the next few days!
Bûche de Noël

My Dad and I

p.s. A new thing for the year is a new hairstyle!!!
pictures to come :)

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