Tuesday, April 27, 2010

surprises and secrets

Life is Like a box of Chocolates, never know what you're gonna get.
So true.
I moved into my new apartment and it is fantastic.
Super big. (like way way big)
lots of space in my room.

my roommates.
Tiffany is from Florida.  She is 20. She is studying
landscape management and she
is such a sweetheart.  I think I am 
going to love living with her.
*secret*: she is waiting for her mission call.
Rachel is from Texas.  She is 19. 
She is studying Humanities.I met her last night
and I like her.  I hope the we become
good friends.
*secret*: Tiffany, Rachel and I all have the same swim suit:)
another *secret*: I think I might have to take up synchronized swimming
Sue is from Brazil.  I don't remember how old she is.
She is studying Musical Theatre.  fun.
*secret*: I hope to watch a musical or 2 with her.
Pricilla is also from Brazil.  She is 20. She is my 
official roommate, but she hasn't
moved in yet.  We shall see 
how things go.  Yes?
*secret*:  Pricilla has the most beautiful eyebrows and I am jealous.
Desiree is from Brazil.  She is 27.  She is
in her first year of her masters program and she 
is delightful.  Last night, we (and Tiffany
and Rachel and the mouse in my pocket)
ate brownies and talked.
*secret*:  Desiree speaks Portuguese (obviously) beautifully.
She answered her phone and spoke in her native tongue,
 and it made my day to listen to what a 
gorgeous language that is.
what else?
went to church and felt like the youngest one there.
That's ok. I should be used to that by now, right?
*secret*:  so I think this has happened like 3 or 4 times.
a guy in the ward introduces himself.
Him: "Hi, I so-and-so from such-and-such city in Davis County."
 Her: "Cool!  I'm Leslie and I am from Centerville."
Him: "No way!!  When did you graduate??"
awkward silence...
Her: "09?"
Him:  "oh. I graduated 04."
that is the "yay for being young" face

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