Monday, December 12, 2011

Things are wonderful!  In the past little while we did the following:
Went to Masada and the Dead Sea

We had the Jerusalem Center Christmas concert and it was the first choir that I had been involved in since high school.  Guess who showed up??  Samah and all of her girls and sister-in-law.  Love them!

We went to her house and taught her how to make chocolate chip cookies and she surprised us and taught us how to make makluba (it means upside-down) and she gave me incredible marriage and parenting advice.  Being in their home has been one of the most uplifting thing that I have done while here.  There is so much love, service, and patience in their home.  They are always laughing and joking with each other.  I love this family and am so happy that I was able to meet them and build a friendship.

With the beautiful girls!  I love them!  Also, check out Lindsay's blog for more about our time with them.

And we went to England and went on a Harry Potter Tour...jk...but we went to so many churches and beautiful sites today as we learned about the last week of Christ's life.  

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Ryceejo said...

I love your blog! You've had such a fun semester! On a side note, now that it's Christmas I am listening to the Carpenters and every time I hear Karen I MISS you!!