Thursday, October 6, 2011

bada bing bada bedouin

Apparently, I’m a strugglin tuna with this blog.  I’ll try and do better. 
Have you ever thought about bedouins before?  They are the people portrayed in What a Girl Wants for like 2 minutes and also in the scriptures.  The bedouins live a nomadic lifestyle and it is the lifestyle that Abraham lived thousands of years ago.  Because the middle east has developed into defined countries, this has forced them to become less nomadic.  This week we had the honor of visiting both a recognized (Lakiya) and non-recognized village.  At the first village, we talked with the women at Lakiya Weaving, an organization focused on empowering women.  I loved this!  The little seamstress in me was stoked when they demonstrated their spinning and weaving techniques.  
The fireball of Lakiya and me
yarn yarn yarn

We visited the Israelite Temple!
On top of Erod
At the non-recognized bedouin village...good old huntsman told us that if a war were to break out in Jerusalem, we would have been right in the middle of it.

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Shill and Company said...

Beautiful photos of you Leslie Bean. Thanks for sharing the things that you are learning about.