Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last week we travelled all over Turkey and it was an amazing week! Turkey is sooooo different than anywhere I have ever been and I loved many things about it but was also very excited to come back to Jerusalem.

-Squatting Toilets: these were the biggest disappointment about Turkey. After we would be traveling on the bus for what would seem like forever, we would find a wc, pay our 1 TL and open the stall to find just a hole in the ground with no toilet paper. Seriously? I want to know the cost difference between that and an actual toilet. Also, does anyone know how you get into this business? It seems like a great idea. You buy a nasty building, most likely for pretty cheep, and then put some holes in the ground and charge people to use it.

-Olives for breakfast:  breakfast here was bread, hotdogs, cucumbers, and olives.  Needless to say, we ate a TON of bread.  I don't think I will have another piece for the rest my life.
-Grand Bazaar:  The largest Bazaar in the World!  Unfortunately, I unintentionally offended every shopkeeper I came into contact with there.  They apparently didn't like my bartering style. 

-Cartoon Hotel in Istanbul the first night and it was quite the hotel. (Yes, there were loony tunes and disney characters everywhere in the hotel) That night, we took a trip into the city and found the worlds best baklava according to our tour guide Fahti. 

-Topkapi Museum and it was so incredible! There is this really funny mix of Islamic and Rococo architecture and I really enjoyed seeing my favorite styles mixed. I don't know if they really go together, but that's ok.  The infamous Blue Mosque was also part of that day and it was breath taking.
-  I am aware that there was a bombing in Turkey while we were there, and we were completely safe. The Turkish people were very happy and much less conservative than they are here in Jerusalem.  It was very common to see non-tourist couples on dates and there was even a little PDA going around.  Somehow that made me feel like I was home in Provo.

-Assos: one of the most beautiul places I have ever been.

-Kusadasi:  we had a huge mormon dance party/bonfire on the beach.  There were a couple of local guys in their early 20's that joined the group and I'm pretty sure it was a strange experience for them.

-Perganon/seat of satan:  Our tour guides said that they had never seen it rain before in September there, but as we were exploring the Alter of Zeus it started pouring, and not for like a minute, but for a really really long time.  It was so cool and it made all the ruins of the temples like 10 times cooler because of all the thunder and lightning going on. 
Picture being on top of a huge mountain surounded by alters with the storm raging.  Way cool.

Apple Tea: Soooo good!  Everyone drinks tea like crazy around Turkey.  That and smoke their hasheesh.  But they served us the herbal Apple Tea and it reminded me of home.  Definitely packed some for the States. 

Cotton Castle:  Incredible hotsprings!  Our hotel had a huge spring right in the middle and we had a great mudbath! 

Ephesis: What the place!  It was really cool to see where Paul taught for 3 years.

Bursa:  so beautiful! 

CATS!!!!!!!!!!!:  There are thousands of cats here!  It became a game of who could find the most cats and get there picture.

 Overall, it was wonderful!  I hope to travel back there with Jess and take the time to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful cities. :)


Lili said...

My sweet little cousin ;)
Like you know, I've been in Turkey too.
Since 24September to 30 september.

I went in Ephese & Pamukkale too !! It would be so wonderful to meet you there.... When did you went to these cities ?

In Pamukkale, we saw a show of "Derviche Tourneurs"...Did you saw this too ?
We stayed in a little hotel in the moutain with thermal swimming pool. It was the C&H Hotel.
In Pamukkale, we swam in the "Cleopatra swimming pool"....So beautiful !

I can't wait to read your imprssions about your trip...

I can't stop to imagine if we could meet in Turkey...!

I went to Ephese & Pamukkale 26&27 September.

lsgerber said...

We were there from the 18th-24th so we barely missed each other!:( I thought it was amazing! I loved ephesis, assos, and Istanbul! What were your favorites?

Shill and Company said...

Thanks for the interesting post. It's fascinating for me to learn more about Turkey. I wish that you and Ambre could have met each other there. Of all of the places in the world to meet a family member.