Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Possible favorite musical

A slightly embarrassing fact about myself is that I used to be a theatre buff.  In fact, I was in a musical continually from 8th-11th grade.  It's funny looking back and remembering how I dreamed of going on to Broadway and making it "big."  Anyway, I still have a strong love for the music and love how emotional it all is.  I saw that the new Center Point Legacy Theatre in Centerville, Ut is about to start a production of
Civil War and I am desperately wanting to go.  This is seriously a favorite of mine.
watch this

but here is flexible list of my all time favorite musicals
1.  The Light in the Piazza *sigh* the most beautiful love story in the world that shows the healing strength that comes from love.
2.  A Christmas Carol *tear* I was in the musical I think like 3 times and I loved singing about forgiveness and change.  Soooo amazing!
3.  Jane Eyre
The music is soooo haunting and absolutely moving.  
4.  Les Miserables *no need for an explanation there*
5.  Civil War *the most moving display of sacrifice
6.  The Last 5 Years *note: I have never seen this production and it seems to be a tad racy, but the music is incredible.
7.  Wicked *cliche, I know
8.  The Secret Garden *Lily's Eyes:  could there be a more beautiful song?  I think not.
9.  The Sound of Music *makes you feel better every time you are sick, without fail
10.  West Side Story *absolutely stunning.

A million more are flooding my mind, but I really do think that these are my toppers.

Favorite songs that I have sung:
Someone else's story: chess
With One Look: Sunset Boulevard
I still Believe: Miss Saigon
Mamma I'm a Big Girl Now: Hairspray
I'm Still hurting: Last five years
All I ask of you:  Phantom of the Opera
My Bill:  Civil War
Forgiveness:  Jane Eyre
Just a place called home:  Christmas Carol
Defying Gravity: Wicked *this was probably the scariest performance of my life.  President Eyring was sitting on the 2nd row of the auditorium and I had basically given up singing and was pretty rusty.  An extremely unforgettable, exhilarating moment.


Rebekah Wadsworth said...
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Rebekah Wadsworth said...

So I thought I loved musicals but I haven't heard of most of these. That's so fun. Don't be embarrassed that you love musicals. There's no reason for it. : )

Erin said...

Totes agree with you on number one