Monday, February 7, 2011

They are all taken

Email accounts are always a bit tricky.  When we all started our first account, it was something cheesy like or  Now if you haven't hopped on the gmail bandwagon, it's super embarrassing to have to quickly explain that you made your countryears4fun address when you were like 12.

Jesse Foster Thomas is one of those who is trying to upgrade his "jr high" account to something more professional.  The only probably is, most all of the "professional" sounding combinations are already taken.   

This is what we've brainstormed so far (too long?) (too violent?) (too ghetto?) (too confusing?) (too distracting?)
jesse< (too cute?) (too jumbled?) (too clich√©?) 

Do you have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

ha les: let's not kid ourselves-you were at least fourteen :)

Stacy said...

bahaha...that one with his name backwards took me a while to get.

I'm surprised you didn't think of know, kind of like, Jesse's Girl, which by the way, you should consider getting that for your email address:

In fact, that's where I'm going to be emailing you from now on. I hope you get all my awesome emails!

jesse said...

Stacy, I like that one for Leslie, nice!

I just emailed a bunch of the addresses that I want to ask if they would give it up for me and this is all I got back from one of them:
"Please forget this adress and good luck for your search."

Dang, jessethevixon it is....