Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And then I found 5 dollars

Today was just a typical day at BYU.
Heard an Apostle of the Lord speak.
Had fantastic classes, including my 3 hour sewing class.
Got tickets for the World of Dance.
Worked on a project for my Residential Landscape Class.
Studied for my religion (Book of Mormon) class.

I should be singing hosannas for how fortunate I am.
But there are the little things throughout the day that make that harder.

I fell down the stairs in the Clyde Building and skinned my knees, shins, and arm.  Not only was that super embarrassing, but it hurt...a lot!
Boys were lame today.
I feel like all of my muscles have turned to fat.
Actually, I am pretty darn sure that they have morphed to fat.
I've been on campus since 9:00 and it is now 10:40.

In my Book of Mormon class, we are talking about Laman and Lemuel.  My Professor, Charles Swift, brought up the point that they generally, do what they are supposed to, but they complain about it and focus on the negative things in their lives.  Nephi on the other hand, writes about how blessed he is the the Lord is keeping them from getting sick because they can only eat raw meat.  I find Nephi's attitude incredible.  Why did he always do what he was commanded, even amidst his family hating on him and trying to kill him?  Why did he always remember to thank the Lord for the tiny little things (things that I wouldn't even categorize as blessings)?  Because he had a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and had enormous faith.  I am grateful for his example and will strive to do better.

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