Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Did you know that it is very good politics for when a President is under fire, racial issues tend to arise to move attention away from the real problems at stake.  For example, Andrew Jackson had the Nullification Crisis, which was quickly followed by the Trail of Tears.  Does this not seem to bother anyone else?  Like seriously?  Yes, Immigration is an issue.  A state issue.  Yes, the 9/11 mosque issue is an issue. Is this more important than the fact the China is legitimately upset with us as a nation because some extremely intelligent people keep spending more money that they don't have to get us out of debt?  Is this more important than the fact the our entire legal system is completely whacked?  Checks and balances frankly don't exist anymore?  Exhibit A: California's ruling on Gay Marriage.  I don't care if you are for or against gay marriage, let's not get started on that hateful debate but you should be concerned that the way that that was passed is NOT the way that this country was set up.  The voice of the people should not be able to be overturned by one court ruling.  Can you spell UNCONSTITUTIONAL?  

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Steph Romney said...

Still off of Facebook...& I've never felt more free. I love your blog by the way!